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Robert Nkemdiche Rumors: Surprise Clemson Commitment Coming Soon?

Consensus No. 1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche is visiting Clemson at the moment, with chatter growing throughout the day that a shocking commitment could be in the cards. It's largely being buzzed about by Rivals writers, with this being perhaps the most confident tweet yet:

Nkemdiche has been presumed to favor Alabama, Georgia and LSU, with Mississippi State offering some close personal ties and Nkemdiche having a brother who plays for Ole Miss. A commit to Clemson would pretty much blow up summer recruiting, especially since he wasn't expected to announce any time soon, let alone to the Tigers. Then again, Dabo Swinney has long appeared to possess certain mystical powers.

There's plenty of skepticism out there, of course, but this is the word at the moment.

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