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Delayed NCAA Ruling A Double-Edged Sword For Miami Hurricanes' Recruiting

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When news broke today that the Miami Hurricanes are not expecting to receive the ruling from the NCAA on the Nevin Shapiro cheating scandal until after National Signing Day, SB Nation's Seventh Floor Blog tweeted the following:

If that NCAA speculation is true, it could be a potential double-edged sword. ‪#Miami‬

Perfectly put, at least as it concerns recruiting.

The positive for Miami is that the Hurricanes' coaches are free to tell recruits whatever they want about the potential penalties. The NCAA won't rule in time to call their bluff.

The downside for the 'Canes, is that opposing coaches will continue to do the same. If an opposing coach wants to tell a recruit that Miami will receive a four-year bowl ban, or heck, the death penalty, there is nothing that Miami can definitively cite to contradict the coach. But again, the NCAA won't be setting the record straight before the recruits put pen to paper.

How the continued uncertainty will impact Miami is yet to be seen. So far, it does not seem to be hampering the 'Canes class, with seven commitment including five consensus four-star recruits, three of which are quite solid to Miami.

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