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Gators' Top 3 2012 DL Recruits Yet To Report To Florida

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Florida's defensive line haul in the recruiting class of 2012 was quite impressive. Jonathan Bullard, a strong-side defensive end was rated fifth nationally among ends and tackles. Dante Fowler, of St. Petersburg, came in at 12th. Dante Phillips, of Venice (Fla.) checked in at 30th. That's two five-stars and a four-star, if you're scoring at home. Few teams signed a better crop of defensive line recruits in 2012.

But they are only valuable to Florida if they get on campus. And so far, that hasn't happened. For any of the trio.

The future of Bullard seems the most certain because he has actually completed the required coursework.

Fowler's father has indicated that he would report this coming Monday, but other sources are taking a "believe it when they see it" stance.

Phillips seems to be the true mystery here, as no Florida outlet has reported anything of note on his status.

Things like this typically work out, but this situation bears watching as at least two of the three are expected to play significant snaps for Florida as freshmen.

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