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Matthew Thomas Says Florida State Leads Over Alabama, Miami

Florida State takes the lead for a talented Miami linebacker recruit.

Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas

Matthew Thomas, an elite linebacker recruit from Miami Booker T. Washington High School, named Florida State as his leader during the morning session of Thursday's Jimbo Fisher Football Camp in Tallahassee.

"You can say that, yeah," Thomas said when asked if Florida State is his new leader.

Last week, Thomas indicated that his top two schools were Alabama and Florida State, with Miami still in the picture.

This is Thomas' first ever visit to Florida State. The linebacker indicated that he was able to speak with head coach Jimbo Fisher and linebacker coach Greg Hudson.

"I talked with coach Jimbo and coach Hudson. They said I can be a great piece of the defense," Thomas said, noting that he plans to meet with the coaches more extensively after the conclusion of camp.

Thomas was also impressed by the school and the campus.

"The stadium, FSU impressed me," he said.

The consensus five-star linebacker still plans to visit Alabama and Miami, but isn't sure when those visits will take place. Last week, Thomas indicated that he will visit Alabama in late July.

As with any comment made about the college at which a recruit is visiting or camping, Thomas' comments should probably be taken with a grain of salt. It will be interesting to see if Florida State remains his leader once he returns to Miami and comes down off the high of being on a college campus.

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