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LSU Offers 8th-Grader Dylan Moses

LSU extended an offer to Dylan Moses Tuesday. The recruit just finished the seventh grade.

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LSU extended an offer Tuesday. To an eight-grader. Not a kid who will start high school in two months, mind you, but rather a kid (literally) who just finished the seventh grade. His name is Dylan Moses. He stands 6'0, weighs 218 pounds ... and reportedly ran a sub-4.5 40-yard dash.

This seems difficult to believe, but here are two accounts from recruiting analysts who verify this actually happened.

Shreveport Times -- Kelly Morris

There were plenty of 2014 prospects showing off at LSU's camp, but coaches are always looking ahead - well ahead. The Tigers extended an offer to University Lab's Dylan Moses, a to-be eighth-grader.

Best Of LSU Camp: Tuesday -- 247sports ($)

Yes, you read that graduation year correctly. If Moses didn't attend a K-12 school, we wouldn't even be able to put him in the database yet because he'll still be in middle school in the fall. But if you doubt that Moses deserves mention on this list, look to LSU's legitimate verbal offer as proof to the contrary. Moses likely projects to linebacker long term but he already looks like a grown man and he runs like one too. While playing defensive back on Tuesday, he looked understandably lost at times but still rarely got beat and made some fantastic breakups.

Moses is officially in the class of 2017, meaning he won't be able to graduate high school for another 60 months.

You shouldn't expect this to become a trend, however, because a kid with the measurables and athleticism of Moses coming out of the seventh grade are incredibly rare. The offer speaks to how special Moses is as a player, even now.

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