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Did Robert Nkemdiche's Dad Accept Job At Ole Miss Medical Center?

Let's begin by stressing that this is just a rumor from sports talk radio at this point. But when rumors involve the top recruit in the country, they tend to pick up steam pretty quickly.

And that's what has happened here.

Robert Nkemdiche, the top recruit in the country and a Clemson commit, recently took a visit with his family to Ole Miss to visit his brother Denzel, a freshman for the Rebels.

But it wasn't Nkemdiche that came up on the "Head To Head Radio" show, a sports talk program broadcast across the state of Mississippi.

It was his father. More specifically, the rumor that his father has accepted a job at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Miss.

The hosts are Matt Wyatt, a color analyst for Mississippi State, and Richard Cross, a former Ole Miss broadcaster. Here is a link to the audio (it starts at the 57:50 mark).

For those unable to listen, here is what was said:

Wyatt: "The rumor is that Robert Nkemdiche's father has accepted a job at University Medical Center in Jackson, and starts there in May."

Cross: "It's a long way [From Jackson] to Clemson, South Carolina. But it's not very far to Oxford, is it. By the way, [that's] where [Nkemdiche's brother] Denzel will be playing this year."

Neither Wyatt nor Cross reveal where they heard the rumor, and Wyatt was sure to categorize it as such. But since it involves the No. 1 recruit in the country, it's newsworthy.

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