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Tahaan Goodman A Physical Safety Recruit

Film evaluation of defensive back recruit Tahaan Goodman

Four-star recruit Tahaan Goodman from Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) High School is one of the most heavily pursued safety recruits in the state. This, in a year that is plentiful at the position across California. The 6'0, 190-pound defender is a teammate of current USC cornerback commit Chris Hawkins. Goodman claims well over 20 offers from schools such as USC, UCLA, LSU, Florida, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

Goodman is a physically imposing defender with an athletic, well developed frame. He projects to grow into a rather sizable safety topping out in the 215-220 pound range. Goodman is a plus level athlete at the position and smoothly navigates across the field with deft footwork. Goodman best profiles as an in-the-box style of safety as he is at his best in run support. He is a defender who takes nice, efficient angles to the ball-carrier that enable him to cut off perimeter runs with room to spare. Goodman is a menacing striker who generates a ton of pop from his powerful frame.

At this stage in his development, Goodman is more reactionary than instinctive versus the pass and lacks the range and pattern reading ability to be entrusted to defend the deep middle of the field. At the next level, Goodman needs to be coached up most in regards to his awareness in the passing game, as he has a fair amount trouble locating downfield throws. There is some stiffness in his hips which hinder him in transitioning out of his backpedal to turn and run vertically. Goodman would function better in a cover two alignment as he is more proficient operating in a confined area.

Goodman does a good job reading the quarterbacks eyes, though at the next level, he could leave himself susceptible at times to being looked off by more experienced signal callers. Goodman is physical in the open field and routinely dislodges the ball from receivers and tight ends. If he is able to sharpen his coverage instincts, Goodman could develop into a frightening presence in the short to intermediate areas of the field defending skinny post and shallow crossing routes.

Tahaan Goodman - Rancho Cucamonga (CA) Class of 2013 - Junior Year Highlights (via utrhighlightvideos)