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Robert Nkemdiche Shooting Down Clemson Scholarships Controversy

The story of the weekend in college football was No. 1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche allegedly holding Clemson hostage by threatening to play elsewhere if the Tigers didn't offer defensive back Ryan Carter, yet another of Nkemdiche's high school teammates. Nevermind that he'd have every right to do such a thing, and he'll probably be worth multiple scholarships all by himself -- he's been saying since the story came out that he's made no such demand.

It's safe to say the man himself has been unhappy with the story and its reception:

That reporter blackout was then lifted, as to the New York Times, Nkemdiche said, "I didn’t give Coach Swinney an ultimatum about anything. I hope he doesn’t feel obligated to offer anybody a scholarship because of my commitment."

Carter would be the fifth Grayson High player in Clemson's 2013 class if he were offered. Two of Nkemdiche's teammates were already committed, and his former housemate Nick Schuessler dropped Mississippi State to pledge to play for the Tigers.

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