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Reuben Foster, NCAA Investigators To Meet After Auburn Flip

Remember when Reuben Foster, the No. 2 recruit in the nation for 2013, flipped his commitment from Alabama to Auburn after transferring to a high school in the Tigers' immediate vicinity? The NCAA does too, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in which the five-star's mother defends the move.

"They [the NCAA] are talking with Reuben and me," Anita Paige said. "They want to make sure there was nothing illegal done to get us down here, or anything like that. They want to make sure there wasn't a college booster involved.

"No, there was not a booster involved or anybody from the college involved. There was nothing illegal."

Paige also said the Auburn school system is better than what was available at Troup, and that it means a boost not just for Foster's education, but for his little sister as well.

Foster has said he changed schools partly due to the firing of his coach at Troup, who was let go over ... "the improper transfer of a player into the school district."

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