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Georgia's Mike Bobo commits $20 NCAA violation, banned from recruiting for a month

Note to college coaches: even if it's cheap, admission to NCAA events with recruits must be paid, lest you risk wrath.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo has been banned from off-campus recruiting for a month after the school self-reported an NCAA secondary involving the coach. His crime, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: escorting a recruit and his mother to the NCAA Tennis Championships, held on Georgia's campus in spring 2012, without paying admission.

That huge no-no is likely a Level II NCAA secondary violation, the lowest level; if the NCAA agrees to accept Georgia's punishment of Bobo, which includes the month-long ban on off-campus recruiting and a ban on contact with the prospect in question, there should be no further punishment for either Bobo or Georgia.

The recruit's family was made aware of the violation after the fact, and reportedly paid restitution in the amount of $20.

Bobo's ban could impact Georgia's recruiting, especially considering that the Bulldogs' bye week, which would normally be used by coaches as an opportunity to scout prospects off campus, comes in two weeks. It's unlikely any effects will be more than marginal, however.