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Alabama grayshirt scholarship freakout: 11 other schools also offering grayshirts

It's important to yell as loudly as possible at all times.


Alabama has recently switched offensive line commit Bradley Bozeman's scholarship offer to a grayshirt, which would mean he wouldn't be an active student and athlete at Alabama until 2014. It keeps him off the books, while holding a spot for him in a non-binding way. It's worth noting there is no binding way to hold said spot for him other than also giving him a scholarship for 2013.

This makes many people mad, as it is a thing that has been done by Alabama and in the wake of previous Alabama recruiting controversies. However, Bozeman is okay enough with the offer to not look around for a better deal elsewhere, which the four-star could assuredly do (Auburn, Clemson and Tennessee are listed by as also offering him scholarships at some point):

"Coach Saban switched my scholarship to a grayshirt," Bozman told's Andrew Bone.

"I have known about it for about two months. We have been keeping it on the down low. We didn't know for sure if that was going to be the option. It was due to the ACL injury. It will give me more time to get stronger."

But it's Alabama, so this is A BIG DEAL.

Here's a very quick and easy list of some other schools in the news right now for grayshirt offers, whether they're to potential recruits, current commits or current active players:

But but but ALABAMA.

Look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.