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Nico Falah recruiting: Washington sends USC commit dozens of letters

USC commit Nico Falah got 74 articles of mail from the Washington Huskies to match his jersey number.


So the Washington Huskies reportedly have some recruiting tradition where they will send a prospect they really want the same number of letters as their high school jersey number.

Washington reportedly did this to Eddie Vanderdoes. Now they've done it to Nico Falah. Falah's jersey number in college is 74, so guess how many articles of letters they sent him today to prove that he's priority #1?

Falah is currently committed to USC, although that has not stopped other rival schools from applying the full court press to try and get the offensive tackle, particularly with several other Trojans decommitting. The St. John Bosco offensive tackle has definitely been interested in Oregon, and it seems as if Washington is serious in making their own bid. Will the incredible gesture of 74 pieces of mail convince him that maybe it's time to take a look around up north from sunny LA and try out beautiful, gray Seattle?