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Sebastian Larue no longer visiting, considering Notre Dame

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The four-star receiver and former USC pledge now has two open visit weekends before Signing Day.

Sebastian Larue at the Under Armour game
Sebastian Larue at the Under Armour game
Bud Elliott (SB Nation)

The recruitment of 2013 Santa Monica (Calif.) wide receiver Sebastian Larue is coming down to the wire, but his final group no longer includes Notre Dame, the school he was to visit this weekend:

It seems that the decision was mutual:

The big question revolves around Larue's visit schedule, which now includes an opening this weekend. So far, the news on that front is no news indeed:

The cancellation of the Notre Dame trip may be of the most benefit to the schools that were vying for Larue's final official -- Arkansas, Miami, Oregon State, Texas, and Texas Tech.

And, of course, the schools that have already received visits have one fewer contender, albeit one that wasn't thought to be a serious player in Larue's recruitment anyway.

Larue just visited Texas A&M last weekend and had already made a previous trip there, so it's fair to assume that his interest in the Aggies is genuine. In fact, they may now be one of the leading contenders for his services. Ohio State also received two visits, while Washington State is also in there, but even Cougar recruiting analysts put the odds of Larue landing in Pullman at just 10%, hardly optimistic.