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Recruiting impact of James Coley leaving Florida State for Miami

Can Coley quickly convince recruits to choose the Hurricanes?

Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas
Bud Elliott (SBN Recruiting)

The news that James Coley has left Florida State for Miami has many Seminoles and Hurricanes fans wondering about the immediate recruiting impact for the 2013 class. Rightfully so, as Coley is known as an excellent recruiter.

It could be substantial, even with less than two weeks until Signing Day.

Currently, Florida State has three commitments from South Florida (defined as Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties), while Miami has only two.

However, there are several major South Florida targets still in play, including:

-Stacy Coley, a top receiver in the state, from Northeast High School. Stacy has long thought to be headed to Florida State, but Miami has begun to pursue him more aggressively of late, and Coley was one of his primary recruiters. It's easy to foresee Coley selling him on Miami's depth chart and coming to Coral Gables to be the feature receiver in the Hurricanes' new offense.

-Matthew Thomas, one of the best outside linebacker recruits nationally, out of Booker T. Washington High School. Thomas is scheduled to visit Florida State Friday, and is also strongly considering Miami (as well as Alabama and Georgia). There's a strong chance that Coley could sway Thomas, along with teammate Denver Kirkland, a four-star guard, and keep them home in South Florida.

Coley's challenge will to diminish the things he sold about Florida State, and quickly flip to selling Miami, while countering anything he may have said about the Hurricanes while recruiting for the Seminoles.