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Ole Miss enters picture for Laremy Tunsil, Florida State out, per report

Georgia and Alabama are still in strong contention for Tunsil's signature.

Laremy Tunsil
Laremy Tunsil
Bud Elliott (SB Nation Recruiting)

Recruit Laremy Tunsil's top two is now three, and it does not include Florida State, he told Scout's Chad Simmons Sunday ($).

"Alabama, Georgia, and Ole Miss are now the schools I am looking at. Florida State is out and I do not plan to visit them next weekend," Tunsil told Scout Sunday afternoon.

Entering the weekend, Georgia and Alabama were considered to be the strong contenders, while Ole Miss and Florida State were thought to be on the outside looking in.

The visit to Ole Miss seems to have changed things.

In what was a special weekend for Ole Miss (four five-star players were visiting, and the town responded with lots of attention), Tunsil clearly enjoyed his visit.

With the elimination of the Seminoles, who were always on the outside looking in, no school from Tunsil's home state of Florida will be a contender for his services. Out of Lake City (Fla.) Columbia High School, Tunsil is considered the top offensive tackle recruit in the country.