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Miami is out for Denver Kirkland, and coach Tim "Ice" Harris is really angry

Why is Miami no longer an option for Kirkland?


Update 9:20 p.m. -- Miami (Fla.) Booker T. High School head coach Tim "Ice" Harris is furious with the Hurricanes, and told his story to the Miami Herald.

Essentially, Harris is angry that Miami pulled Kirkland's scholarship offer despite knowing that the lineman was planning to commit to them. He wanted to wait until Signing Day to announce on television, but according to Harris, Miami wouldn't accept that and pulled the offer.

"I just don't understand why they couldn't wait," Harris aid. "The same way [linebacker] Matthew Thomas is a big-time kid, Denver is the same big-time offensive lineman. Let the kid enjoy his moment. If they were going to do this to him, why not let him know well ahead of time so he could plan another visit. Don't come to us in the end and say you're going in another direction because of a defensive lineman."

Kirkland is an enormous player at 6'5 and 336 pounds. He currently projects as a guard, though it is possible he could play right tackle after a year or two of reshaping his body.

Kirkland is a four-star recruit and the teammate of five-star linebacker Matthew Thomas.

This could hurt Miami's relationship with the powerhouse school. Harris is a former coach of the Hurricanes, and his son Brandon played cornerback for Miami as well.

Florida State is the presumed leader for Kirkland, but Ole Miss and Arkansas cannot be counted out.

Original story: Miami is no longer an option for Miami (Fla.) Booker T. Washington offensive line recruit Denver Kirkland, according to multiple reports.

Varying reports have it that Miami is just now discovering that it cannot admit Kirkland due to academics, or that it no longer has room.

The first claim seems dubious, given the timing. State of the U's Joe Garcia agrees.

Miami was thought to be the leader for Kirkland, and earlier Thursday I wrote this on the big lineman:

Despite strange rumblings about Miami not having room and potential grades issues, I'll stick with the Miami Hurricanes here over the Florida State Seminoles.