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Reuben Foster photographed sleeping while standing, Tiger Droppings responds

Reuben Foster is already the most spectacular member of the 2013 freshman class.

Instagram user itsleeuhbae

Here we have your regular reminder that you're very glad none of your high school classmates had Instagram, because you did way dumber stuff than fall asleep while standing up. Or at least I did. Man oh man, I sure did.

The above photograph of Alabama signee and world's sleepiest linebacker Reuben Foster comes to us via Instagram user itsleeuhbae. There is another that involves sleeping in class, but it does not involve sleeping in class while standing.

Noted Photoshop emporium Tiger Droppings is already on the case [some likely NSFW]:


by Tiger Droppings user Bunta


by Tiger Droppings user InVolNerable


by Tiger Droppings user Jackie Chan

There are many more, and this will probably continue until into the evening and way past that.