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Robert Nkemdiche's LSU visit: Shaq and Wale good, Mike's in Tigerland bad

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The nation's top recruit was at LSU on Friday night, and he and Jeremy Hill live-tweeted the whole thing.

Shaquille O'Neal meets Robert Nkemdiche (Phillies hat) in LSU traveling party.
Shaquille O'Neal meets Robert Nkemdiche (Phillies hat) in LSU traveling party.
Jeremy Hill's Instagram

Robert Nkemdiche, the nation's top overall recruit, visited LSU on Friday. This put a bit of panic into the hearts of Ole Miss fans, who have felt that Nkemdiche was a sure thing for quite some time now. In the past, visits like this have been shrouded in mystery, but thanks to the sheer magic of social media, Nkemdiche and LSU running back Jeremy Hill pulled back the curtain and live-tweeted the whole night.

The order of events may not be correct, but it would seem that the two young men took in a Wale concert, and by all accounts, he put on a fine performance. They also went to an establishment called Mike's in Tigerland, of which Hill did not sing the praises afterwards. After a bit of digging, this place of business has a total of zero Yelp and Google Local reviews, and it's online presence is limited to a Facebook page and a sparsely updated Twitter feed.

C'mon, Mike's in Tigerland, what really happened back there? We want - no, we NEED to know.

Anyway, it seems like Nkemdiche had a perfectly acceptable night in Baton Rouge, and we know absolutely nothing more this morning than we did yesterday.

Oh, yeah, and they just happened to run into Shaq. Funny how these things work.

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