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8th grade football player now claims Alabama and LSU scholarship offers

Dylan Moses will have plenty of time to decide where he wants to go to college.

Kevin C. Cox

Remember Dylan Moses, the eighth-grader who got a scholarship offer from Les Miles? Well, the battle is on to land the class of 2017 - class of 2017! - youngster, as Nick Saban has reportedly now offered Moses an offer to play for Alabama once he graduates middle school and high school.

Moses went to Alabama's junior day last week, and while there, Saban reportedly indicated he wanted the youngster to play for Alabama. (Note: junior days are typically for high school juniors, not eighth graders.) caught up with the 14-year-old's dad and asked him about the trip, where he said his son was treated "like a five-star recruit." (Note: Moses is not yet a five-star recruit, because most sites don't begin ranking players until they're like sophomores or junior, or at least are allowed by their parents to go see movies by themselves.)

"When he said he was offering Dylan a scholarship, we asked a lot of questions just to make sure we knew exactly what he meant. Coach Saban said the Alabama staff believes Dylan has a chance to be the best player in the country in the Class of 2017 and they were ready to offer him a scholarship. That's when the fireworks started going off in our heads."

Moses isn't your typical eighth grader - he's 6'1, 215 pounds, and fast - and that's with plenty of room to grow. He's set to start playing at University Lab High School in Baton Rouge (Note: he does not yet play there, since he is in eighth grade) where he likely projects as a running back or linebacker (Note: we do not know what position he'll play in college or high school yet because he could probably play any position in middle school and badly hurt whichever child is signed up to defend him). For what it's worth, Moses' father says he's nowhere near committing for the time being.

This is only kind of crazy - it's not like there's going to be tons of 8th-graders getting offers, just a few insanely talented ones - but I still like to picture Nick Saban showing up to the playground to try to lure kids to Alabama with "whatever it is the kids like these days," which in Saban's mind is an enormous stack of Pokemon cards and a Zune. Coaches really into shady recruiting will probably soon be purchasing Moses a fancy new car which he won't be legally allowed to drive for another two years.

If I were Moses, I'd just try to seize the opportunity to set the record for most decommitments in one recruiting process. I look forward to writing about him switching from LSU to Alabama on Signing Day in 2017.

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