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Is Chris Jones at Ole Miss or Mississippi State? Yes

The midpoint between Oxford and Starkville is pretty much Houston, Mississippi, from whence Chris Jones hails.


Five-star defensive end Chris Jones is considered one of the five best somewhat available recruits in the country. He's a Mississippi State commit, and we're currently still projecting him as a Bulldog, but his travels and rumors of travels over just the past day indicate his status is nowhere near settled just yet.

As John Talty chronicles, Jones has made two trips to archrival Ole Miss' Oxford campus since Friday, turning up at one point at a Rebel frat house wearing the same gear he'd been spotted in at Mississippi State's basketball game. Somewhere in there, Jones' dad beats an incoming Ole Miss recruit at Call of Duty. The amazing oscillating football recruit!

I believe this to be the ideal solution:

Also, some Mississippi travelin' music:

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