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Robbie Rhodes signs with Baylor: 5-stars highlight video, ratings and more

The biggest commitment for the Baylor Bears in the 2013 recruiting class comes from wide receiver Robbie Rhodes.

Robbie Rhodes
Robbie Rhodes
Bud Elliott (SB Nation)

Robbie Rhodes made his decision to commit awhile ago, choosing the Baylor Bears over the Texas Longhorns. Rhodes also enjoyed offers from Alabama, Missouri, and numerous other schools in Texas like TCU, A&M, and Tech. The Fort Worth prospect could soon become a feature weapon in the Baylor offensive attack.

Wescott Eberts had this writeup of Rhodes for SB Nation soon after his commitment to the Bears. If there was anything that probably sold Rhodes on Baylor over most of the other schools on his list, it was the appeal of playing in that high-octane offensive attack.

The recent success of Baylor helped sell Rhodes on the Briles and the Bears, but most especially the fact that the staff sold him on being the next Kendall Wright and playing in a high-flying offense. It's a program that has now shown it can produce top-level NFL wide receiver talent after Wright was drafted with the 20th pick this spring, something Texas can not claim in recent years.

Rhodes is one of the most explosive wide receivers in this class and could prove to be another boon for the ever explosive Art Briles offense. Rhodes figures to follow in the footsteps of Kendall Wright, the No. 1 option for Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

Mark C. Moore of Our Daily Bears (our Baylor SB Nation site) has this writeup on Rhodes, which focuses on making Rhodes the focal point of this offense.

Rhodes' commitment marks the biggest victory in Baylor's 2013 class so far. Rhodes is an outstanding talent at a need position in this class and someone to build around on offense. He has also been quoted as saying that his commitment would be the end of his recruiting-- meaning that he wouldn't take any other visits-- and that he is interested in doing whatever he can to help recruit for the school he chooses.

Ratings: Five stars

Vitals: 6'1, 186 pounds

Other offers: Texas, Alabama, Missouri, TCU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech

Highlight video: Junior highlights below.

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