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Sebastian LaRue signs with Texas A&M: Former USC speedster a deep threat

The speedy Sebastian LaRue has signed with the Texas A&M Aggies after decommitting from USC.


Sebastian LaRue had to decommit from USC, but he ended up in a pretty good situation in College Station. With LaRue signing his letter of intent to play for the Texas A&M Aggies, he now gets the chance to race down the field and catch footballs from Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel and potentially compete for national championships down the road.

LaRue probably needs a year to work himself into college shape and be an every-down offensive player. But he could be ready to contribute immediately on special teams due to his electrifying athletic abilities. He plays numerous positions (receiver, safety and cornerback) and is very good at projecting his athleticism on the field.

Here's a scouting report from Derrell Warren of SB Nation.

Larue could see his earliest playing time on special teams ... He has a compact build that, combined with his speed, generates deceptive power that belies his 5'11 frame. Larue is more explosive than he is fluid so he may project best at returning kicks ... as he quickly gets north and south and is routinely able to run through arm tackles and side-step pursuers in the open field. His physicality also makes him a very effective player in the defensive secondary for his high school team.

Ratings: LaRue is a consensus four-star wide receiver.

Vitals: LaRue weighs in at 180 pounds and stands up at 5'11.

Other offers: LaRue had offers from eight Pac-12 schools including the Arizona schools, the LA schools, and the Washington schools. Also getting in the mix were Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Tennessee and others.

Twitter: @SebastianLarue1

Recruitment timeline: LaRue didn't take long to show his USC allegiances, pledging to the Trojans just under two weeks after getting the offer. But LaRue didn't stop taking officials (to schools like Ohio State and Washington State, for example) and eventually decommitted from USC early in the new year. LaRue received heavy interest from Washington State after his decommitment, but it was A&M who ended up winning out as he pledged a week and a half before signing day.

Highlight video: Senior highlights!

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