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Momma Nkemdiche trolls Clemson hard in the paint

Friend request accepted!


By now, y'all know the story of Robert Nkemdiche, the No. 1 recruit in the country who signed with the Ole Miss Rebels on National Signing Day. And you're probably familiar with how he ended up at Ole Miss. If not, check out SB Nation's Steven Godfrey on the subject.

But you might not remember that Nkemdiche was once committed to the Clemson Tigers. As the story goes, Nkemdiche visited Clemson with several teammates, and his high school coach, who was the former roommate of Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. Nkemdiche, in an effort to get Clemson to offer some of his teammates who were far less talented than himself, committed.

He did not consult his father back in Georgia, who was on the trip. And with his mother Beverly, a politician in the family's native Nigeria. This did not sit well. At all.

Beverly wanted Robert to play with her other son, Denzel, a freshman at Ole Miss. She felt that Robert had been pressured into the decision by Clemson's coaches. Clemson's coaches, if they could publicly discuss the recruitment of a player, would likely tell a different story. But Beverly really wanted nothing to do with Clemson.

But, to their credit, Clemson's coaches did not give up. They wanted to meet Beverly, in Africa if need be, and did try to reach out to her in multiple ways. One of those ways was Facebook.

And, in the ultimate troll move the day after National Signing Day, Beverly did respond to Clemson coach Jeff Scott's friend request:

The day after National Signing Day.

Troll hard, Bev. Troll hard.