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Scouting Andrew Brown: 2014 defensive tackle recruit

The imposing Andrew Brown will be highly sought after in the 2014 recruiting class as perhaps the top defensive tackle in the nation.

Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown

If you're looking for the most imposing physical force in the 2014 recruiting class, it could be Andrew Brown from Chesapeake (Va.) Oscar Smith High. Brown is a 6'4, 282-pound defensive tackle who might be the best interior lineman in the country.

Brown already has reported offers from major programs like Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Virginia Tech, and USC as of February. Brown has already has over two dozen offers and more figure to be coming.

247Sports considers Brown the fourth-best national recruit in the country and ranks him the top defensive tackle. Brown is the sixth-best recruit overall in Rivals and is ranked by Scout as a four-star defensive end (fifth overall). Brown has also been mentioned on the ESPN Watchlist.

Bud Elliott, National Recruiting Analyst: Elite defensive line recruits are all about a special combination of size, speed and potential. With a long 6'4 frame, Brown should eventually be able to play at more than 300 pounds. And he certainly has the quickness aspect down as well. Brown is quite quick off the ball, typically electing to rush up field, often using a swim move over the slower high school guard. Everything about his stance is about getting into the backfield and causing havoc.

However, despite rushing into the backfield quickly, Brown does a good job of maintaining his balance and control once in the backfield, breaking down and making the tackle.

Perhaps Brown's best attribute is his ability to bend and play low. Brown's best fit in college will be as an attacking three-technique tackle, as opposed to a nose guard or five-tech.

Brown is also unique among elite recruits in that he is actually on grade level. Born December 30, 1995, Brown won't turn 18 until after his senior season.

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