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Edwin Freeman again names Texas leader

The Aggies may have led back in November, but the Arlington (Texas) Bowie standout has his childhood favorite on top once again.

Edwin Freeman at the Dallas NFTC
Edwin Freeman at the Dallas NFTC
Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)

Arlington (Texas) Bowie safety/outside linebacker Edwin Freeman is a bit hard to recognize these days.

There's the new baby dreads with bleached gold tips, which he started growing out after the summer 7-on-7 season.

And there's the 15 extra pounds of muscle he has put on since that time, pushing his weight up to 212 pounds at the Dallas Nike Football Training Camp over the weekend.

His leader is a familiar one, however.

After the Texas A&M Aggies surged into the lead in his recruitment last fall, a recent trip to Austin just before the spring game put his old favorite back on top, according to his 247Sports profile. Freeman grew up a Longhorns fan and said that the 'Horns were his leader back when he was first offered in August of 2012, but a lack of contact dropped Texas down on his list.

Now he's down to Texas, Texas A&M, and TCU, in that order, he told ($).

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that the Horned Frogs don't have a higher spot on his list after hiring former Bowie head coach Kenny Perry as the team's new director of player personnel, a move that is playing well with coaches and players from the Metroplex.

The biggest question in the recruitment of Freeman is where he will end up in college and how that will impact his decision. He played linebacker as a junior for Bowie and looks like a natural at the position working through traffic close to the line of scrimmage. His continued growth as he gets closer and closer to 220 pounds seems to suggest that his future is at linebacker.

Texas, however, is still recruiting Freeman as a safety, according to multiple reports, the safe move for a player who is saying the right things, but may not be entirely comfortable with the fact that his future in all likelihood lies there. His former head coach is recruiting him as a linebacker ($) for the Horned Frogs.

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