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Nick Saban, Roy Williams conspire to end fun in football

The national champion head coach wants to see offense die.


Nick Saban doesn't want football to look like basketball. No, it goes deeper than that. He wants football to become basketball. That's the impression you seem to get after this bizarre little meeting at the Chick-fil-A golf tournament:

So many questions here.

Why is Saban picking Williams' brain for defending up-tempo offenses? Williams is the up-tempo offense master. North Carolina has constantly played at one of the fastest paces in the country since Williams arrived in Chapel Hill in 2003. If anything, Saban should have headed down the road to hit up Mike Krzyzewski to learn how Duke (which can play fast but also knows how to slow it down) manages to slow down and contain the North Carolina machine on such a regular basis.

Why is Saban trying to figure out how to defend up-tempo offenses from a basketball coach? Is he planning on implementing some form of dynamic matchup zone defense that will stymie all quarterbacks from taking 3-pointers?

Stay tuned until next time for Nick Saban's latest attempt at ruling the world.

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