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Georgia Tech football has the strangest recruiting Photoshops of them all

Recruiting is weird.

This year's college football offseason could go down as the Summer of Bad Photoshopping.

There is the Florida coaching staff, which is attempting to redefine the entire medium with a series of horrendous MS Paint-style photo edits complete with hashtags. Wyoming has joined in. Oregon State is in the mix.

Then there is Georgia Tech. Specifically, Yellow Jackets offensive graduate assistant Preston Pehrson, who joined Twitter on January 30, mostly to troll snowed-in Northerners:

That hashtag eventually morphed into something called "The Migration," an attempt to lure recruits from the mid-Atlantic, upper Midwest and Northeast to Atlanta. Remember how Ed Orgeron told his Ole Miss staff that their planes did not fly north? Georgia Tech's apparently go out of the nation's most fertile recruiting ground to farm the snow-packed states.

If it had remained Pehrson reminding potential Georgia Tech recruits that Southern cities have warmer weather than Northern cities, it would have remained annoying but innocuous. That, of course, was not good enough for Pehrson. He inevitably turned to that hot new recruiting tactic: Photoshopping.

It began on February 22:

Pehrson then added another level by Instagramming his Photoshopping:

He then combined his two favorite pastimes: talking about weather and making fake shirts:

Pehrson changed it up, going to the old-school (as in, elementary school) arts and crafts bag:

The calendar turned over to March, and Pehrson went into MEMEMODE:

Some of his memes were more successful than others. Here, an old woman tries to join the Georgia Tech football team:

Here's a complete misuse of the Bear Grylls meme that compares joining Georgia Tech to drinking one's own urine.

Eventually, Pehrson ran out of memes and veered into movies that are probably too old for most of his recruits to reference:

That doesn't even get the first-rule-of-Fight Club joke right. Also, it's kind of creepy.

If there is a school where recruits are up on a 12-year-old HBO television series, it's Georgia Tech:

I'm not sure what this is:

This is a train.

This is a red wagon with an absurdly long caption. Note: This is not a bandwagon.

This is a shaggy dog covered in mud.

This is WWE champion John Cena. It makes no sense.

This is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Migration 3:16 says we're going to another Sun Bowl.

The Rock says this. This is pretty dumb.

This is Shaquille O'Neal. He does not know this picture is going to be used to promote mass migration:

This is Mortal Kombat. It's older than the guys he is recruiting. They might be terrified.

Eventually, Pehrson started going for live shots of people dressed up as other things holding up a handmade #TheMigration sign.

Of course, there had to be some jokes about Georgia:

It got weird when Pehrson entered a comic book phase:

I mean really weird:

I mean "Joker Phillips might want to lock his doors" weird:

Who knew Superman was such a Girl Talk fan?

Recruiting is, and will remain, very strange.

HT Will Thompson.

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