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Keller Chryst scouting report: Pro-style QB

Palo Alto quarterback Keller Chryst could be the best college football quarterback in the 2014 recruiting class.

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Keller Chryst is quite possibly the best West Coast recruit in the 2014 recruiting class, and potentially the best signal-caller. The Palo Alto (Calif.) High pro-style quarterback figures to be highly coveted by most of the major programs on the West Coast. Weighing in at 215 pounds and measuring 6'3, Chryst already appears to have all the tools to succeed.

Chryst holds many offers, but Stanford, Pitt, Alabama and USC are the top contenders for his services.

As of Mid-May, Chryst is a consensus five-star quarterback. He's ranked as the 20th-best recruit on Rivals. 247 Sports ranks him as the 14th-best recruit, the top pro-style quarterback and top prospect in California. Chryst gets high marks for his delivery, accuracy, and marks from ESPN and is ranked the second-best quarterback by Scout.

Derrell Warren, West Coast Recruiting Analyst (@yssd | Keller Chryst has a classic "over the top" delivery that's conducive to further growth. Due to this, look for him to develop additional arm strength as he progresses during his college career, as well.

Chryst stands tall and carries a quick release. He has excellent vision and the ability to both fit the ball in small windows against zones, or "throw his receivers open" versus man coverage, due to his uncanny ball placement. On tape, Chryst is consistently able to complete passes in tight areas despite his receivers being tightly covered.

As a passer, Chryst is legitimately gifted. He's multi-dimensional in the respect that he's a pocket passer who is able to deliver the ball from different platforms. He shows excellent touch on fade routes and bucket throws into the deep quadrants of the field, as his fastball is best utilized when asked to make stick throws into the short to intermediate areas.

By and large, Chryst doesn't face an inordinate amount of pressure on tape. However, in the instances in which protection breaks down, he shows the ability to slide laterally to create throwing lanes. Also, very little (if any) of his considerable accuracy is compromised when he is made to shorten his mechanics, adjust his arm angle, or isn't allowed to stride fully into his throws.

Chryst can a bit too reactive when he senses the pocket appears to be breaking down. In my opinion, he tends to head downfield prematurely in an effort to pick up yards with his legs. This speaks to another point, as his physical running style likely won't translate as well at the college level and will also leave him more vulnerable to injury. Using his legs would pose a moderate threat to defenses, but as a projected high-volume passer you'd rather him use his scramble opportunities a bit more judiciously.

Chryst is a truly elite quarterback recruit who has his pick of schools. He has the talent to carry a college offense. He projects to eventually become a high-level starter as long as he continues his current rate of development and stays healthy.

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