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Alin Edouard scouting report: Dual-threat QB

There's a lot to like about Alin Edouard

SB Nation Recruiting

Alin Edouard is a top recruit from from Hialeah (Fla.) High School. He stands 6'1 and weighs in at 180 pounds. Edouard is listed as a dual-threat quarterback. A consensus three-star recruit, he is generally regarded as one of the 15 best dual-threat QBs nationally.

As of early May, Edouard is committed to Miami and has offers from Louisville, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Penn State, South Florida, Syracuse, Tennessee and Vanderbilt, amongst others.

Bud Elliott, National Recruiting Analyst: There's a lot to like about Alin Edouard. He has a quick release. The ball comes out of his hand with good velocity, and for the most part, it doesn't die on him. Edouard throws the ball with appropriate touch, and is able to take something off when the situation doesn't call for his fastball.

Edouard's mobility within the pocket is good, but his ability outside the pocket is even better. His team uses him on a lot of zone reads, veers and designed QB runs. He is able to hit the home run when the defense elects to ignore him. The threat of his legs should help him early in his career, should he play early, because it will simplify coverage. Of course, that is dictated on his team using him in that way.

With that said, there are also some questions. Is he done growing? Edouard is 6'1 and 180 pounds, which isn't great size. I would like to see Edouard throw the ball more with his fingers and with less wrist roll. He also needs to stand taller in the pocket, and to not short-arm the ball, as it will get batted at the next level. I would also like to see him look downfield more often when breaking the pocket, as opposed to simply taking off. And I'm not sure about his ability to read a defense or throw with anticipation, as his film simply doesn't show it.

Edouard has tools to be a QB at the BCS level. He'll need to play in a spread system, to provide him with throwing lanes and vision. He reminds me a good bit of Dennis Dixon, formerly of the Oregon Ducks.

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