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Watch top recruit Elijah Hood flush Alabama letters down toilet

Roll damn toilet.

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Update: Better watch while you can!

Update 2: Yep, it's been uploaded to YouTube.

Elijah Hood, a running back out of Charlotte Catholic High School, is a consensus four-star recruit and widely considered one of the top running back prospects in the nation. He committed to Notre Dame in late April, but a verbal commitment doesn't stop the letters and phone calls from other schools.

Hood apparently decided he needed a grand gesture, to show that he was not interested in hearing from other programs and fully committed to the Fighting Irish. So he did what every teenager would do: He flushed the letters he had received from Alabama down the toilet:

Hood then posted the video to his Twitter account with the hashtag #RollToilet:

He then attacked Alabama's academics, whether validly or otherwise:

Roll damn toilet, indeed.

H/T Michael Carvell

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