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College football recruiting 2014: Jamardre Cobb scouting report

The Southern California defender has the ability to play at any position on the linebacking front.

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Jamardre Cobb is a versatile linebacker who figures to be pretty effective in most any spot that he plays. The Los Angeles (Calif.) Bishop Mora Salesian High product seems to have all the assets to be an effective every-down defender and should be a capable contributor.

The consensus four-star recruit currently holds several offers from schools like Arizona State, Boise State, Oklahoma, Stanford and Wisconsin. Weighing 230 pounds and standing at 6'2, Cobb is ranked as the 12th-best inside linebacker and the 207th-best recruit overall at Rivals. 247Sports Composite ranks Cobb as the 203rd-best prospect, the 17th-best outside linebacker and the 22nd-best recruit in the state of California. Scout considers Cobb the ninth-best inside linebacker.

ESPN, which rates him as the 13th-best outside linebacker, notes Cobb's ability to not only play run defense on the inside in terms of shedding blocks and utilizing his strength at the point of attack, but also on the outside because he can cover plenty of space with his speed. He's best known for being a solid tackler.

You can follow Jamardre on Twitter at @jamardreB.

Derrell Warren, West Coast Recruiting Analyst (@yssd): Cobb plays on both sides of the ball for his high school team. He is a shorter, stockier player s power is the hallmark of his game.

A jumbo athlete, Cobb plays running back on offense for his high school team. Long term he probably best projects to fullback if he chooses to stay on the offensive side of the ball.

As a runner, Cobb is a downhill back with good speed for his size, turning over his shorter strides quickly at second level and finishing runs with power. He takes very few wasted lateral steps. When lined up at fullback, his burst enables to him to reach linebackers early and create up the field running lanes.

Defensively, Cobb alternates, lining up at both outside and inside linebacker. As an outside linebacker he is primarily used in passing situations as an edge rusher. As a pass rusher, Cobb lacks length and isn't particularly explosive off the line. His initial rush angles tend to be a bit wide, but he usually takes a fairly efficient route to the quarterback once he's turned the corner.

At the collegiate level Cobb would probably be a more effective gap blitzer. He flashes the ability to close but he doesn't profile as the type of recruit who would win hand battles with longer offensive linemen.

As an inside ‘backer Cobb is extremely physical player who is explosive on contact. His low center of gravity allows him to stay balanced as he creates violent collisions even after only taking a step or two towards the ball carrier. Some of the same traits he flashes as a downhill running back translate to defense in his ability to shoot gaps and close quickly and close quickly in the open field.

Cobb might not be the most scheme diverse recruit but if deployed in the right fashion he carries the upside to be a plus level "Mike" ‘backer in traditional 4-3 scheme or an All-conference caliber as a middle inside ‘backer in a 3-4 alignment.