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Josh Rosen recruit scouting report: California's best quarterback?

Rosen is an elite signal-caller.

Bud Elliott -- SB Nation Recruiting

Josh Rosen is an impressive quarterback prospect in the Class of 2015, and he's one of the top overall high school recruits in the country.

Rosen comes from St. John Brisco in Bellflower, Calif. He stands 6'4 and weighs in at 205 pounds, and runs a reported 4.7-second 40-yard dash. As of February 2014, Rosen is rated as a five-star prospect by 247 Sports, Rivals and Scout, and a four-star by ESPN. He's listed as the best pro-style quarterback in America by the 247 Sports composite, the No. 4 player overall and the No. 1 player from the state of California.

Rosen is drawing plenty of interest from colleges, and holds 15 scholarship offers. Among those are UCLA, Cal, Texas, USC, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Washington.

Fans can follow him on Twitter at @josh3rosen.

Why are teams so hot after Rosen?

For starters, he has the typical frame for a pro-style quarterback, and should eventually play at 215 or 220 pounds.

After that, though, there's still a lot to like. Rosen operates out of the spread, and consistently delivers a catchable ball, hitting his receivers in stride. Accuracy is the most important physical attribute for a quarterback to meet, provided he meets a certain baseline of arm strength (which Rosen does, though he does not have a cannon.) I also like Rosen's ability to throw when he doesn't have a perfect pocket, or is off balance. Some evaluators refer to this as throwing "off platform."

Rosen's motion looks good. He has a free and easy delivery, though it can be a bit less than ideal when he tries to hump up on the throw and generate extra RPMs.

One thing that makes Rosen's film tough to evaluate is that many of his big plays are deep balls to wide open receivers off play-action.

Rosen does showcase good mobility and escapability, but I would not call him a dual-threat quarterback.

Rosen does have a tendency to bend down or squat when throwing, which negates his height a bit. I want to see him stand tall in the pocket and deliver more often.

Overall, Rosen is an excellent quarterback prospect, with a lot of polish and the ability to play early should the opportunity present itself in college.

A note on quarterbacks: Quarterbacks are notoriously hard to evaluate. From film, I can judge a player's arm strength and his ability to deliver the ball accurately, and to an extent his footwork and mechanics. But I can't necessarily tell how the QB will adapt to his college system, read defenses, lead his team, etc. There's a very high variance factor with quarterbacks.