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Kahlil McKenzie recruit scouting report: Powerful defensive tackle

Scouting powerful defensive tackle recruit Kahlil McKenzie

Kahlil McKenzie is one of the top recruits in the country. He holds about 30 scholarship offers, including some of the top schools in the country. Out of Concord (Calif.) De La Salle, his list will only grow.

Scouting by Derrell Warren, West Coast Recruiting Analyst (@yssd)

McKenzie's film is available here.

McKenzie is a defensive line recruit who already possesses college-ready size. He has a massive trunk, and at 6'4" and 310 pounds he carries that weight well on an athletic, well-proportioned frame.

McKenzie profiles as an athletic disruptor/space eater who'll anchor the middle of a defensive line. He can set the table for others, but flashes the baseline skill set to anchor at the point of attack but penetrate into the backfield.

At the next level, McKenzie is a scheme diverse player. If a coach deemed it necessary, he could possibly bulk up a bit and play the 0 technique position, and two-gap in a traditional 3-4 "Okie" front. That said, a one-gap scheme would better allow him to make optimal use of his talents. Whether that be within either a 4-3 or 3-4 alignment.

As he develops, I would like to see McKenzie show a more consistent get-off. At times at times he can be a bit slow coming out of his stance. Granted, some of this may be function of his responsibilities on given snaps. At other times, he flashes impressive first step explosiveness for a man his size, and converts speed to power and disengaging from interior lineman.

Is at his best when activates his length and uses his tremendous leg drive to power to the ball through contact. He demonstrates good vision tracking the ball well in traffic.

McKenzie doesn't show the best lateral mobility. However, he flashes enough short-area quickness to cross the guard's face. Ultimately, not sure of how often we will see him making plays ranging outside the box. He's at his best operating b-gap to b-gap and getting upfield vertically.

It is my belief that McKenzie is likely a top-50-75 player nationally