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No. 1 2015 dual-threat QB Torrance Gibson talks top 15, decision timetable

See what Torrance Gibson had to say to SB Nation about his top 15, upcoming visits and more.

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One of the nation's most coveted players is Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) American Heritage quarterback Torrance Gibson, who is receiving interest from top programs across the country.

He checks in as the country's No. 1 dual-threat quarterback, the state of Florida's fourth-best player and the 11th-best player in the nation according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

The dynamic quarterback recently named a top 15 (in order) just weeks after taking a handful of college visits over his spring break (see list in order below). Gibson took the time to talk to SB Nation about some of the schools that made his top 15.

Tennessee: "Tennessee is a great school. I fit them really well. I had a great visit there. I'm close with the coaches, it's a great campus and the people are great."

Auburn: "I think I'm missing something from Auburn (on what puts Tennessee ahead of Auburn). I'm not sure what it is yet, but something is missing about Auburn. I'm just taking it slow and finding that something. Auburn is a great school, I visited during the spring and it was awesome. The campus is beautiful, I talk to Coach Lashlee a lot, he's a great coach. I talk to Coach Gus awhile and he's really cool. Auburn has a great tradition and have had a lot of great quarterbacks like Cam Newton. They're a great school."

LSU: "They have a great business school and that's what I want to study in college. Coach (Cam) Cameron as the offensive coordinator was the head coach of the Dolphins and did a good job there and will do great at LSU. Coach (Les) Miles is a great head coach who has won a couple of championships. They're going to be in the top for a while now."

Ohio State: "Coach Urban Meyer and Tom Herman, the offensive coordinator. They run a spread-type offense that fits me well. A lot of people say Ohio State fits me better than any other school. The only reason they're fourth is because I didn't visit during the spring and didn't get to sit down with the coaches. The main reason they're at four is because I haven't visited."

Clemson: "Coach Chad Morris is a great teacher in the film room. I spoke with him in the film room and he breaks everything down, every little bit. The techniques between the offensive line and the quarterback on every single play. He's a great person to talk to, he's a great coach. I also talked to Coach Swinney in his office for 15 minutes when I visited and he was telling me who the quarterback was and was being upfront with me and not hiding anything."

Oklahoma: "It's a great program. I talk to Coach (Josh) Heupel. When I visited we spent the whole day together going around on campus. I didn't meet Coach Stoops and that was my big concern."

Miami: "Miami is a great school. They've been recruiting me since eighth grade. They haven't been recruiting me as hard as they were when I was in eighth and ninth grade. Really all of the in-state schools aren't recruiting me as hard as the out-of-state programs."

North Carolina State: "I haven't talked to the coaches yet, but I'm going to call them this week. They write me on Facebook and Twitter and told me to call them this weekend, so I'm going to do that."

Oregon: "It's a great offense for me. That's another school that people say is the fit for me. The fast tempo, quick to the ball, a spread attack offense is the perfect offense for me. I have to take a visit and sit down with the coaches to see if it's the right school for me."

UCF: "They saw me throw a couple of months ago. Their offensive coordinator (Charlie Taaffe) said I had a great arm. We talk back and forth on Twitter a lot. He's a great guy and came by my school a month ago to check on me. UCF is a great school."

Michigan: "They haven't offered me yet, so I'm not sure about them. I haven't had too much contact with them yet, which worries me a little bit."

Gibson recently said that there's an 85 percent chance he leaves the state of Florida to play his college ball because he wants to see what it's like in another part of the country.

"I think there's another world outside of Florida, there's not just one world in Florida," Gibson explained. "My family told me that I don't have to stay if I don't want to. I really appreciate my family not forcing me to stay home. If I have to stay home, I'll stay home, but if it's not the fit for me, I won't stay home."

The only summer visit he seemed pretty sure he would take is to Ohio State. The Buckeyes and Vols will also get official visits from him.

"I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to make a list to see which schools I'm going to visit and when I'm going to visit," Gibson said. "I'm going to take official visits to Ohio State and Tennessee. Those are the only two right now."

At one point he planned on deciding close to National Signing Day, but the current plan is to announce a week or two after football season.

"After my senior season," Gibson stated. "It's going to be a week or two after my football season (November/December)."

He is closest to a couple of different coaching staffs and is still in the process of developing relationships with other staffs.

"Tennessee, Auburn, I've been close with Miami since eighth grade, and Ohio State. I'm getting close with Mark Pantoni. We write back and forth on Twitter a lot."

When it comes time to make a college decision, there are a couple of factors that will have the largest influence.

"Biggest thing to me is academics. I need to go to a school that has great academics. Not a Harvard-type school, but something solid," he said. "Great coaching staff, great team, great people, and cold weather isn't a big deal to me. If I make it to the NFL, I would have to play in cold weather, so it's best to get used to it now."

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