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Kyahva Tezino recruit scouting report: Active linebacker

Kyahva Tezino -- Student Sports
Kyahva Tezino -- Student Sports

Kyahva Tezino is one of the top linebacker prospects nationwide in the Class of 2015, and he is receiving some big-time interest from major football programs across the country vying for his services.

Tezino attends Los Angeles (Calif.) Bishop Mora Salesian High School, and is projected to play outside linebacker at the next level. He is listed at 6'0, 192 pounds.

Tezino is a consensus four-star prospect at outside linebacker, receiving the rating from 247sports, Rivals, Scout and ESPN. 247sports and Scout are highest on the prospect, rating him 12th and 13th at his position in the class, but all four rank him among the top 20 outside linebackers in the nation. The 247sports composite, which aggregates the ratings of all four major recruiting services, considers Tezino a four-star, rating him as the 10th-best outside linebacker in the nation and the 21st-best player in the state of California.

Tezino claims offers from Miami, UCLA, California, Washington, Wisconsin and Arizona, among others.

Scouting by Derrell Warren, West Coast Recruiting Analyst (@yssd):

Tezino is a recruit with adequate size and an athletic, muscular frame. At the Nike Football Sparq Combine, Tezino registered a vertical jump of only 28.7 inches. However, his game tape reveals athleticism that somewhat belies his combine measureables.

Although Tezino contributes on both sides of the ball, he projects to make the most on-field impact as a defensive linebacker.

Tezino takes the majority of his snaps at outside linebacker. That said, his most impressive work in run support takes place operating from the inside. In terms of true linebacker play, he’s very impressive scraping along the line of scrimmage or getting downhill and making aggressive run hits. Although he carries good functional length for his height, he needs to do a better job activating that trait when shedding blockers.

Operating out in space, Tezino can be a bit tight hipped. As a result, he doesn't have the best of change of direction ability, as demonstrated in the way he is forced to round off pursuit angles and doesn't take the most efficient routes to the ball. Once his shoulders are squared to his target, he’s an extremely strong wrap tackler who’s explosive on contact. He carries a powerful lower half, which allows him to drive his frame through ball carriers.

Tezino is an impressive and versatile coverage linebacker who displays a ton of promise at this phase of the game. He gets tremendous depth in his zone drops and flashes good vision and awareness out in space. On film, he often flexes outside the box and lines up in press man against slot receivers. He’s better in these situations when he stays physical and knocks the receiver off his route, as he’ll give up separation at the break point of the route at times.

In the instances in which he gets targeted, he gets his head around, quickly locating the ball. You’ll often see him adjust his frame and attack the ball in the air faster than the offensive player. He’s a great finisher, as well, flashing soft hands as he’s able to reach outside of his frame and make interceptions.

In conclusion, Tezino's eventual ceiling would most likely be reached operating as an inside linebacker on a team that utilizes cover two cover concepts. He would be an ideal "robber" in cover two. Lining up inside would better feature his short-area explosion against the run, as opposed to lining up outside, which would require more speed as opposed to quickness.