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Albert Huggins recruit scouting report: Versatile defensive lineman

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Defensive lineman Albert Huggins has quickly become one of the most sought-after recruits in the class of 2015. The 6'3, 279-pound defender from Orangeburg, S.C. has received offers from most of the nation's top programs and accolades from the scouting services.

Huggins, who plays high school football at Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School, is a composite four-star recruit who is ranked as the second-best prospect in South Carolina and No. 11 defensive tackle nationally. Huggins has become a staple of the national top 100 lists. As of June, Huggins holds offers from at least 20 programs, including Clemson, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida State, Auburn, Florida, Louisville, Ole Miss and Tennessee.

Huggins is on Twitter at the aptly handled @Im_The_Hulk.

What makes Huggins so attractive to such a variety of college defenses? Athleticism and versatility. Huggins has the frame of a defensive line recruit who could play a five-technique end position or a three-technique penetrating defensive tackle role. Many prospects have versatility, but not many are recruited to play both by as many programs as are pursuing Huggins. He should eventually top out at closer to 300 pounds after some time in a college strength program.

Huggins plays almost exclusively five- and six-technique in high school, and as you might expect, he does a great job. Huggins is very good with his hands and controlling and shedding blockers. He shows really nice pursuit down the line and in the open field, changing direction well and accelerating.

Huggins also shows a real ability to bend and turn the corner in the passing game, which is extremely impressive for a player of his size. I would like to see him play with a more consistent get-off, as even in some of his highlights, his reactions are a bit late.

At the next level, I wonder how well Huggins will adjust to playing inside, either as a five-technique with a tight end lined up outside of him, or as a three-technique. And he does need to develop more mass and power through his lower body.

Huggins profiles as a multi-year starter at the highest levels of college football and is clearly one of the best 100 prospects in the country.