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Ole Miss football perfects social media recruiting

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Why Photoshop a magazine cover when you can just write some fake tweets from the future?

College football teams often send recruits doctored images. Recruits often enjoy receiving these things.

But usually, this means mid-20s interns making an image that would impress a recruit from the 1980s, like a magazine cover. While I haven't spent as much time around Today's Teens as college football coaches have, I do know they're not the likeliest people in the world to read magazines.

What they do read is Twitter. And while using social media stuff to entice recruits is nothing new (and can go horribly awry), Ole Miss has delivered the best entry in the genre yet.

It's straightforward, with no awkward Photoshops of the player (four-star junior Georgia safety Rashad Roundtree, in this case) shaking hands with Roger Goodell while holding two Master's degrees, surrounded by championship trophies the school in question will never actually win and Eli Manning smiling down from Heaven.

It's a look at how the player would actually consume and share the news of himself signing with Ole Miss in February, if such a thing were to happen. (Though of course he'd also be following @SBNRecruiting.)

Ole Miss met an athlete right where he already was. That's how you do it.

ht Football Scoop