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4-star WR Equanimeous St. Brown speaks German and French while picking Notre Dame

When he says he's committing in part due to academics, you tend to believe him.

Blue chip wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown picked Notre Dame on National Signing Day over Stanford, UCLA, and USC. That's cool and all, but how he did it was cooler.

Here he is on ESPNU saying SOME STUFF in German (I know "danke!") ...

... and here he is pronouncing Notre Dame in its original French:

He's got just about the most interesting story of any incoming freshman, from his name ...

"Equanimeous, Equanimeous, Equanimeous, Equanimeous," Coach A.J. Gass said without hesitation. "It's a lot to yell across the football field."

Gass should be happy he doesn't have to yell the full name: Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown.

Blame it all on John Brown, the father.

"My dad believes in names and numbers," St. Brown said. "He wanted to give me the most unique name possible so people would recognize me."

His two younger brothers are Osiris, a sophomore receiver, and Amon-Ra, a freshman running back. The siblings all go by the last name of St. Brown instead of Brown.

... to his family, particularly his father:

After deciding to give up some of his jet-setting life as a bodybuilder and settling down, Brown put his naturally mathematical mind to work. Brown knew he wanted his children to be athletes -- specifically football players -- and the woman he married needed to be able to provide them. Eventually, he zeroed in on a woman he met at FIBO, an international trade show for fitness, wellness and health, in Cologne, Germany.

"People laugh at me, and she probably gets a little mad," Brown said. "I met her and looked at her big toe. I thought, wow, she has big toes, big knees and she's tall. ... She's also very smart. That's the big thing, very smart. And I knew she would give me the kids I wanted."

And he's really good at football, too. Something tells you he's gonna be very popular in college.