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Miami QB recruit Jack Allison: Highlight throws from IMG 7v7

Jack Allison of Palmetto (Fla.) High School is one of the top QB recruits in the country. Allison has been committed to Miami since June 2014, and he has been improving of late.

Allison had some very impressive throws recently at the IMG NFA 7v7 Southeastern Championships, of which SB Nation Recruiting put together the best 35. Many of the throws were into a very stiff wind, making them all the more impressive.

Allison clearly trusts his arm, and the trust is justified, most of the time at least, because his arm is quite strong. There are times, however, When Allison seems to have too much trust in his arm -- a mindset not uncommon with young gunslingers. Allison simply makes throws most high school players cannot, but that ability can lead to trouble with forcing balls.

He also has room for improvement with his footwork and throwing with anticipation, as he often threw crossing routes on the wrong shoulder, causing the receiver to stop and catch the ball, removing the opportunity for run after catch.

All told, Allison is a tremendous prospect and certainly one of the 10 best in the 2016 class at the QB position.