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The SEC vs. everyone else: Whose 2016 recruits make for a better roster?

Can one conference assemble a more talented group than everybody else combined? We'll track this as we approach Signing Day 2016.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows the SEC dominates on the recruiting trail compared to other conferences.

The current 247Sports Composite ranking has six SEC teams in the top 11. This follows five straight years in which Alabama's finished with the top class. The average four-year rank for all SEC teams is 19, well ahead of the second-place Pac-12's 35.

But can the SEC beat every other conference combined?

What if the SEC's currently committed recruits suited up for an actual game against everybody else's? Which side would field more raw talent? Let's take a look at the rosters, based on the highest-rated commits at each position, just to see what happens.

This project will be organized like a three-deep depth chart, allowing for a little bit of depth while still maintaining the focus on the best of the best at each position. We'll update this periodically through Signing Day. All ratings are via the Composite.

Quarterbacks: The SEC

The SEC holds commitments from the top two in the class, but it's still close. The SEC's top three QB commits average a five-star rating, while the World's averages a four.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Jacob Eason Georgia 5 (.9973) Malik Henry Florida State 4 (.9746)
Shea Patterson Ole Miss 5 (.9971) K.J. Costello Stanford 4 (.9740)
Feleipe Franks Florida 4 (.9790) Brandon Peters Michigan 4 (.9668)

No. 1 overall QB Jacob Eason, a Georgia commit. Photo: Student Sports

Running backs: The World

The World has a big advantage here with two five-star backs and no three-stars. The SEC's stable of backs is good, but in a year without a lot of elite players at the position, the five-stars put the World over the top. The SEC does have Elijah Holyfield, though, the son of Evander, the former World Heavyweight Champion.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
B.J. Emmons Alabama 4 (.9511) Tavien Feaster Clemson 5 (.9903)
Devwah Whaley Arkansas 4 (.9438) Kareem Walker Michigan 5 (.9786)
Elijah Holyfield Georgia 4 (.9286) Miles Sanders Penn State 4 (.9786)
Justin Connor Ole Miss 4 (.9065) Demario McCall Ohio State 4 (.9758)
Carlin Fils-aime Tennessee 4 (.9032) Antonio Williams Ohio State 4 (.9275)
D'Vaughn Pennamon Ole Miss 3 (.8863) Melquise Stovall Cal 4 (.9260)

Wide receivers: The World

In a year without a no-doubt five-star recruit at the receiver position, we look to depth, where the World has eight of the top 11 receivers committed nationally. But watch out for Houston commit Tyrie Cleveland, who is being pursued hard by a number of SEC schools including Florida.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Kyle Davis Auburn 4 (.9760) Tyler Vaughns USC 4 (.9810)
DeKaylin Metcalf Ole Miss 4 (.9602) Devin Duvernay Baylor 4 (.9808)
Eli Stove Auburn 4 (.9523) Sam Bruce Miami 4 (.9681)
Drake Davis LSU 4 (.9508) Tyrie Cleveland Houston 4 (.9652)
Stephen Sullivan LSU 4 (.9485) Austin Mack Ohio State 4 (.9574)
Freddie Swain Florida 4 (.9379) Binjimen Victor Ohio State 4 (.9562)

Tight ends: The World

The SEC has the No. 1 tight end in the country, but the World holds commitments from three of the top four.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Isaac Nauta Georgia 5 (.9943) Kaden Smith Stanford 4 (.9823)
Octavious Cooley Ole Miss 4 (.9234) Jake Hausmann Ohio State 4 (.9441)
Jamal Pettigrew LSU 4 (.9048) Naseir Upshur Florida State 4 (.9363)

Offensive tackles: The SEC

The SEC holds the top-ranked committed player at any position in Gregory Little, and that's enough to eke out an advantage, .9658 to .9640.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Gregory Little Ole Miss 5 (.9992) Patrick Hudson Baylor 5 (.9880)
Jonah Williams Alabama 5 (.9866) Michal Menet Penn State 4 (.9806)
Ben Cleveland Georgia 4 (.9677) Ben Bredeson Michigan 4 (.9796)
Landon Young Kentucky 4 (.9460) Tommy Kraemer Notre Dame 4 (.9759)
Kellen Diesch Texas A&M 4 (.9236) Jean Delance Texas 4 (.9520)
Bryce Mathews Ole Miss 4 (.9063) Liam Eichenberg Notre Dame 4 (.9463)

Offensive guards/centers: The World

The World holds the top committed guard (John Rarldon) and center (Baveon Johnson) and takes this one, .9235 to .9107. Four of six representatives come from Big Ten schools.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Donavaughn Campbell LSU 4 (.9369) Baveon Johnson Florida State 4 (.9788)
Drake Jackson Kentucky 4 (.9352) John Raridon Nebraska 4 (.9674)
Deonte Brown Alabama 4 (.9327) Terrance Davis Maryland 4 (.9654)
Chris Owens Alabama 4 (.9292) Michael Onwenu Michigan 4 (.9467)
Jake Heinrich Arkansas 4 (.8968) Tyler Gerald Ohio State 4 (.9326)
Aaron Dowdell Georgia 3 (.8757) Michael Eletise Arizona 4 (.9239)

Defensive ends: The World

The SEC has three top prospects, but the World has quality blue-chippers all the way down the three-deep. The Big Ten has a strong showing, with four of six World representatives. The World holds a .9584-.9001 advantage.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Marlon Davidson Auburn 5 (.9886) Nick Bosa Ohio State 5 (.9968)
Justin Madubuike Texas A&M 4 (.9762) Oluwole Betiku USC 5 (.9929)
McTelvin Agim Arkansas 4 (.9743) Jonathon Cooper Ohio State 5 (.9837)
Chauncey Manac Georgia 4 (.9498) Janarius Robinson Florida State 4 (.9679)
Antonneous Clayton Florida 4 (.9462) Shane Simmons Penn State 4 (.9653)
Rahssan Thornton LSU 4 (.9188) Breland Brandt UCLA 4 (.9533)

Michigan, Alabama or other for No. 1 overall prospect Rashan Gary? Photo: Steve Dykes, USA Today

Defensive tackles: The SEC

The World has the better players at the top, but the SEC has better depth and holds the slight advantage, with the potential to hold a big advantage come National Signing Day, as the top three uncommitted recruits at the position are all strongly considering the SEC.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Edwin Alexander LSU 4 (.9823) Dexter Lawrence Clemson 5 (.9986)
Shavar Manuel Florida 4 (.9779) Ed Oliver Houston 5 (.9941)
Antwuan Jackson Auburn 4 (.9710) Jordan Elliott Michigan 4 (.9502)
Julian Rochester Georgia 4 (.9629) Garrett Rand Wisconsin 4 (.9408)
Kendell Jones Alabama 4 (.9612) Ellison Jordan Penn State 4 (.9289)
Benito Jones Ole Miss 4 (.9584) Chris Daniels Oklahoma 4 (.9257)

Outside linebackers: The World

Nothing much going on for the SEC ... yet. The World has stocked up with blue-chip commitments, while just two three-stars populate the SEC team. Of the four uncommitted five-star outside linebackers, three are heavily projected to end up at an SEC school by the 247Sports Crystal Ball.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Michael Divinity LSU 4 (.9703) Curtis Robinson Stanford 4 (.9630)
Erick Fowler LSU 4 (.9565) Carter Coughlin Minnesota 4 (.9477)
Daniel Bituli Tennessee 4 (.9220) Keandre Jones Ohio State 4 (.9473)
Jeremiah Moon Florida 4 (.8926) Daelin Hayes Notre Dame 4 (.9420)
Tre Threat Auburn 3 (.8686) Camilo Eifler Washington 4 (.9304)
Ja'Quain Blakely Tennessee 3 (.8649) Bryce Youngquist Oklahoma 4 (.9251)

Inside linebackers: The World

The World holds a commanding lead with six four-star commitments to the SEC's one.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Jaleen Laguins Georgia 4 (.9124) Rahshaun Smith Clemson 4 (.9608)
Errol Thompson Mississippi State 3 (.8801) Lokeni Toailoa UCLA 4 (.9441)
David Reese Florida 3 (.8791) Tre Lamar Clemson 4 (.9408)
Kash Daniel Kentucky 3 (.8787) Shaquille Quarterman Miami 4 (.9335)
Tyrel Dodson Texas A&M 3 (.8761) Krys Barnes UCLA 4 (.9332)
Donta Evans Ole Miss 3 (.8615) Devin Bush, Jr. Michigan 4 (.8920)

Cornerbacks: The SEC

Another strong position for the SEC. The World has the nation's top cornerback prospect, but the SEC has a .9490-.9235 lead.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Saivion Smith LSU 5 (.9867) Levonta Taylor Florida State 5 (.9964)
Chauncey Gardner Florida 4 (.9649) Jordan Parker Oklahoma 4 (.9295)
Marquill Osborne Tennessee 4 (.9176) Isaiah Gilchrist Washington 4 (.9135)
Joejuan Williams Vanderbilt 4 (.9161) Treyjohn Butler Stanford 4 (.9112)
Jaylon Jones Ole Miss 4 (.9140) Troy Warner BYU 4 (.9067)
Andreaz Williams LSU 4 (.9135) Kyle Meyers Florida State 4 (.9047)

Top-rated DB Levonta Taylor, committed to FSU. Photo: Student Sports

Safeties: The World

The World has four players better than the SEC's top safety, thanks to the Pac-12. The World takes this one easily, with a four-star .9057 average to a three-star .8754.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Eric Monroe LSU 4 (.9813) Jamel Cook Florida State 4 (.9362)
Cameron Lewis LSU 4 (.8998) Shurod Thompson Oregon State 4 (.9111)
Marlon Character Auburn 4 (.8883) Demetric Vance Michigan State 4 (.9105)
Jeawon Taylor Florida 3 (.8826) Marquel Dismuke Nebraska 4 (.9067)
Ikenna Okeke Texas A&M 3 (.8761) Dylan Singleton Duke 4 (.9064)
Zaire Jones Vanderbilt 3 (.8672) Brady Breeze Oregon 4 (.9034)

Athletes: The World

The World has a big advantage here, with three of the top four committed athletes.

SEC The World
Player School Rating Player School Rating
Trevon Diggs Alabama 4 (.9452) Jamel Cook Florida State 4 (.9391)
T.J. Hammonds Arkansas 4 (.9047) Amir Mitchell Michigan 4 (.9373)
Nero Nelson Mississippi State 3 (.8722) Scott Bracey Duke 4 (.9346)

Final tally

The World takes it, 9-4, but that could change come National Signing Day.

Ohio State leads the World with nine players on the roster, while Florida State has eight. Michigan's next, with seven. LSU leads the SEC with 12, and then there's Ole Miss at 10, Georgia at eight and Alabama at six.

There's a whole lot of time left in the recruiting cycle, and plenty of top targets remain on the board (as evidenced by the low numbers for the SEC at the linebacking positions). As the 2016 cycle moves forward we'll continue to track how the conference stacks up against everyone else.

The top 10 yet to commit