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Most football scholarship offer letters don't look like nightclub flyers. And then there's Miami's.

It's that time of year for players to show off their offers and for Miami to USE ALL OF THE FONTS AT ONCE. We've collected a bunch below.

It's August 1, ICYMI. That means it's the first day on which class of 2016 football recruits can officially receive scholarship offers.

One fun thing about receiving an offer to play college football is showing off that offer on social media. While many schools still use the United States Postal Service to distribute those letters, lots of them arrive electronically, perhaps to take advantage of the fact that prospects are going to post them online for other prospects to see anyway.

This is a good and exciting time for hundreds of athletes across the country. It also gives us a look at how a variety of college programs are marketing themselves directly to potential signees.

Here's a bunch of them, and the main thing you need to know is th-- GOOD LORD, MIAMI.


The University of Miami's official offer letter is a word cloud of the YouTube comments under any Ed Reed highlight video.

Typo club

Only two have been spotted so far this year!

It appears Florida misspelled former Gator receiver and current NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth's name.

And ...

Texas is "prestigous."

Pretty good and/or pretty boring, but everything is fine

Most of these are fine! Some are great! Using the player's photo seems to be a good idea!

Baylor did a cool thing!

A little handwritten touch in each ...

Extremely boring, but that's OK

Welcome to football. We have a school. Click here to enroll. Please bring a towel. Coach says hi. Diploma. Buckle your chin strap. Buckle your seat belt. Dormitories. Athletes have to snack. We are pleased. Quarterback quarterback hut hut hut. Marketing degree. Press X to close window. Competition.

Georgia Tech's looks like the form you fill out in order to be handed a form, and Paul Johnson's won a lot of ballgames with those form forms.