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Jim Harbaugh announces homecoming queen and helps out HS refs during Cali recruiting tour

The Michigan coach has a history of drawing extra attention to his recruiting visits.

Friday night, Jim Harbaugh spent part of his bye week in the Bay Area at Antioch High School, where he announced the homecoming queen.

Can you believe Harbaugh flew all the way to California just to do that? Heck of a guy. He even wore local colors, which are similar to his own current local colors.

You won’t believe this, but it just so happens that Antioch is also the home of the country’s No. 1 recruit, Alabama commit Najee Harris, a 6’3, 226-pound running back.

This also happened at a different high school, which happens to house Michigan offensive line target Popo Aumavae.

This is standard weird Harbaugh recruiting behavior, and Harris has approved of weird Harbaugh before.

When Harris walked into the office, Harbaugh animatedly declared, “You’re a beautiful young man!” The room burst into laughter. He subsequently told Harris he should pursue a career in movies.

“It was kind of funny how he said it,” Antioch head coach John Lucido says. “It made Najee comfortable and kind of broke the ice with everybody.”


Even if Harris doesn’t end up in Ann Arbor, he’s become a Harbaugh fan.

“He’s dope,” Harris says. “Everybody thinks he’s weird, but he’s not weird. I like him a lot. He’s a funny dude. He’s cool.”

This is the second year in a row Harbaugh’s gotten involved in normal school stuff at the home of the nation’s No. 1 recruit. Last year, he gave the commencement address at the high school that just happened to produce 2016 No. 1 recruit, Michigan signee Rashan Gary.