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2016 National Signing Day results: The new top 10, all the big commits and more

This is your one-stop Signing Day shop, with everything to know about college football recruiting's biggest day.

No. 1 recruit Rashan Gary
No. 1 recruit Rashan Gary

Welcome to National Signing Day, a day of great excitement and anxiety and promise and rage.

All day, former high school football players pledged their allegiances to institutions of higher learning. Coaches, fans, analysts and other players spent the entire time sweating out these transactions.

At the end, we declared a winner. It's Alabama again. And the single name to know is that of consensus No. 1 recruit Rashan Gary of New Jersey, who committed to Michigan.

None of this really matters though, right? Isn't it all just hat dances, sick Photoshops, creepy tweets, soft commits and shady coaches changing jobs hours after the ink's dry?

Oh hell naw (but yet it is all that). It matters a ton. There's really no way around it. Playoff spots were all but decided today. I said, "all but," which is a magic pair of words that makes it so I can say any other words I want in that sentence without it being crazy.

Also, read these 21 true stories of Signing Day madness, because nothing too crazy happened today. Houston got some rappers to do announcementsMichigan's NSD party was about the silliest thing possible, and great humor happened at Texas A&M's expense, though.

Below, you will find:

  1. A list of all the day's big commits, flips, drama and such
  2. A stream of live updates from around the country
  3. The updated top 10 classes list

1. A list of all the day's big commits, flips, drama and such


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4-star DE Brian Burns to Florida State over Florida or Georgia

4-star CB Carlos Becker to Florida State over NC State, Ohio State, and Ole Miss

4-star DT Keyshon Camp to Pitt over Missouri, Ohio State, or USC

4-star OT Landon Dickerson to Florida State over Alabama or Tennessee

4-star LB Dontavious Jackson to Florida State over Texas or Alabama

4-star DE Shavar Manuel flips to Florida State from Florida

4-star CB Trayvon Mullen to Clemson over LSU, Florida State, Louisville, or TCU

4-star WR Ahmmon Richards to Miami over Alabama or Auburn

4-star OL John Simpson to Clemson over Florida

4-star OT Jauan Williams to Florida State over Alabama, then puts his leg over his head (again) despite being 300 pounds

3-star LB P.J. Blue to Louisville over Oklahoma

3-star RB Arkeem Byrd to Wake Forest over Missouri, Georgia Tech and others

3-star DE Allen Cater to North Carolina over Arkansas

3-star DT Trysten Hill to Virginia over UCF and others

3-star DE Jaquwan Nelson to Syracuse over Georgia

3-star RB Sean Riley to Syracuse over Arizona

Big 12

5-star OLB Caleb Kelly to Oklahoma over Notre Dame or Oregon

4-star DT Chris Daniels to Texas or Oklahoma or Texas A&M

4-star DT Jordan Elliott to Texas over Michigan

4-star DE Erick Fowler to Texas over LSU

4-star ILB Brendan Ferns to West Virginia over Ohio State or Penn State

4-star OG Patrick Hudson to Baylor over Texas A&M or Texas

4-star S Brandon Jones to Texas over Texas A&M despite there being an entire A&M documentary about him

4-star WR Mykel Jones to Oklahoma over Alabama, Ole Miss, Tennessee, or LSU

4-star OLB Jeffrey McCulloch to Texas over Notre Dame, Stanford and Texas A&M

4-star WR Ryan Parker flips to TCU from Oklahoma

3-star twin brother DL both commit to Iowa State

3-star DB Chris Brown to Texas over Florida or Michigan

3-star RB David Montgomery to Iowa State over Cincinnati and others

3-star DE Jerrion Nelson to Iowa State over a handful of schools

3-star DT Marcel Southall to Texas over Oklahoma or Miami

3-star RB Wayne Taulapapa flips to Virginia from BYU

3-star QB Keondre Wudtee to Oklahoma State over several schools

Big Ten

5-star DT Rashan Gary to Michigan over Clemson

4-star TE Devin Asiasi to Michigan over USC, Alabama, UCLA, or Washington

4-star CB Lavert Hill to Michigan over Michigan State or Penn State

3-star K Quinn Nordin to Michigan ... guess the Jim Harbaugh sleepover worked

3-star QB Tyrell Pigrome to Maryland over Virginia Tech and others

3-star DB Tyrek Tisdale to Maryland over a bunch of schools


5-star ATH Jack Jones to USC over Alabama or Texas A&M ... alongside Snoop Dogg

5-star OLB Mique Juarez to UCLA over Alabama, Ole Miss, or BYU

4-star RB Beau Bisharat to Colorado (!) over Oregon, Alabama, and like the whole Pac-12

4-star ATH Brandon Burton to UCLA over USC and others

4-star LB David Luafatasaga flips to Utah from Ole Miss

4-star RB Vavae Malepeai to USC over Oregon and others

4-star DE Connor Murphy to USC over Michigan, Alabama, Arizona State, or Oregon ... guess that Jim Harbaugh sleepover didn't work

4-star OT E.J. Price to USC over Georgia or Auburn

4-star S Andrew Pryts fips to Stanford from Penn State

4-star DT Boss Tagaloa to UCLA over Cal, Michigan, USC, or Washington

4-star OG Michael Williams to Stanford over Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State, or TCU

4-star LB LaMar Winston to Oregon over Stanford and UCLA

3-star LB Jalen Cochran to Arizona over Michigan State

3-star DT Wayne Kirby to Oregon over Washington State

3-star OL Frederick Mauigoa to Washington State over Oregon State

3-star WR Audie Omotosho to UCLA over Oklahoma State, TCU and others

3-star OL Francisco Perez flips to UCLA from Cal

3-star LB Suli Tamaivena to Washington State over Pac-12 rivals

3-star RB Brandon Stephens to UCLA over Stanford and others

3-star S Chacho Ulloa to Arizona over Oregon

3-star WR "Pie" Young to USC over Michigan and Louisville


5-star DT Derrick Brown to Auburn over Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi State, or Tennessee

5-star ATH Mecole Hardman Jr. to Georgia with DECOY CAKE

5-star LB Ben Davis to Alabama over Auburn, Georgia, LSU, or Notre Dame

5-star CB Kristian Fulton to LSU over Florida or Arkansas

5-star DE Jeffery Simmons to Mississippi State over Ole Miss and Alabama in astounding jacket

5-star LB Mack Wilson to Alabama over Georgia

4-star S Deontay Anderson to Ole Miss, LSU, or Texas OUT OF AN AIRPLANE

4-star WR A.J. Brown to Ole Miss over Mississippi State or Alabama, while saying his hometown team (MSU) did a bad job recruiting him

4-star DT Michail Carter to Georgia with a full-grown bulldog

4-star WR Nate Craig-Myers to Auburn over North Carolina ... and so did his 3-star DB half-brother

4-star DE Terrell Hall to Alabama over Florida State, Ole Miss, or Maryland

4-star OLB Aaron Hansford to Texas A&M over UCLA

4-star DE Jonathan Kongbo to Tennessee over Florida State, Ole Miss, or USC

4-star ILB Jaleel Laguins to Georgia over Alabama or Florida

4-star S Jared Mayden to Alabama over Oklahoma

4-star DT Kobe Jones to Mississippi State over Alabama, Miami, and Ole Miss

4-star ATH Shyheim Carter to Alabama over Miami, LSU, or Ole Miss

4-star WR Tyrie Cleveland to Florida over Houston and others

4-star WR Quartney Davis to Texas A&M over Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, or UCLA

4-star TE Jacob Mathis to Ole Miss, Florida, or Alabama

4-star RB D'Vaughn Pennamon to Ole Miss over Alabama or Texas A&M

4-star DE Prince Sammons to Auburn over Michigan State, Duke, or Oregon

4-star WR Stephon Taylor to South Carolina over Texas, LSU, or Florida State

4-star S Nigel Warrior to Tennessee over Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, or LSU

3-star WR Randrecous Davis to South Carolina over Miami

3-star RB Joshua Jacobs to Alabama over a bunch of folks

3-star DT Jamar King to Alabama over Ohio State

3-star DE David Marshall flips to Georgia from Auburn

3-star CB Aaron Robinson flips to Alabama from Florida

3-star WR Tyler Simmons flips to Georgia from Alabama

3-star TE Irvin Smith to Alabama over Texas or Memphis

3-star DT Aaron Thompson to South Carolina over Maryland

3-star WR Rick Wells to Florida over Virginia Tech

Most importantly, Florida's fax machine is signing Adele's "Hello"

Bret Bielema's taking weird semi-shots at Florida for some reason, perhaps due to the Gators flipping a Razorback JUCO?


4-star DT Karamo Dioubate to Temple over Michigan State, Ohio State, or South Carolina

3-star S Alema Pilimai flips to BYU from Utah

3-star DE Keanu Saleapaga to BYU over Colorado

3-star S Rashad Smith flips to FAU from Syracuse

3-star WR Dredrick Snelson flips to UCF from Minnesota

Houston's celebrating its unbelievably great class by having a chorus of local rappers announce signees

2. A stream of live updates from around the country

3. The updated top 10 classes list