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Here's when the 5-stars (and many more!) are set to announce on National Signing Day

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No. 1 recruit Rashan Gary
No. 1 recruit Rashan Gary
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the Signing Day schedule ... or as much of it as can be known at this time. Of course, this is not everybody who'll be committing (and even that list wouldn't include all the flips and drama sure to ensue), so keep it locked at our big NSD results tracker for updates all day long.

National Signing Day: Wed., Feb. 3
Hour (ET) TV Player Rating/Position Favorites
7 a.m.
Brendan Ferns 4-star ILB West Virginia, Ohio State, Penn State
8 a.m. Fox 5 Atlanta Nigel Warrior 4-star S Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU
8 a.m. Brian Burns 4-star DE Florida State, Florida, Georgia
8:30 a.m. Mecole Hardman Jr. 5-star ATH Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, many others
9 a.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Trayvon Mullen 4-star CB LSU, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, TCU
9 a.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Brandon Jones 4-star S Texas A&M, Arkansas, Baylor, Texas
9 a.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Michail Carter 4-star DT Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson
9 a.m.
Michael Williams 4-star OG Stanford, Oklahoma, Ohio State, TCU
9 a.m. Lavert Hill 4-star CB Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State
9 a.m. Jamel Cook 4-star S Florida State, USC, Miami, Louisville
9 a.m. Mykel Jones 4-star WR Alabama, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU
9:15 a.m. Jared Mayden 4-star S Oklahoma, Alabama
9:30 a.m.
Erick Fowler 4-star DE Texas, LSU
9:30 a.m.
Carlos Becker 4-star CB Florida State, NC State, Ohio State, Ole Miss
10 a.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Ben Davis 5-star LB Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame
10 a.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Deontay Anderson 4-star S Ole Miss, LSU, Texas
10 a.m. Jonathan Kongbo 4-star DE Tennessee, Florida State, Ole Miss, USC
10 a.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Dontavious Jackson 4-star LB Texas, Alabama, Florida State
10 a.m. Jacob Mathis 4-star TE Ole Miss, Florida, Alabama
10:30 a.m.
Jauan Williams 4-star OT Florida State, Georgia
11 a.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Nate Craig-Myers 4-star WR Auburn, North Carolina
11 a.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Jeffrey McCulloch 4-star OLB Texas, Notre Dame, Stanford, Texas A&M
11 a.m. Jeffery Simmons 5-star DE Ole Miss, Alabama, Mississippi State
12 p.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Landon Dickerson 4-star OT Florida State, Alabama, Tennessee
12 p.m. ESPNU, WatchESPN Ahmmon Richards 4-star WR Alabama, Auburn, Miami
1 p.m. Stephon Taylor 4-star DT Texas, LSU, Florida State
1 p.m. Jordan Elliott 4-star DT Texas, Michigan
1 p.m. ESPN2, WatchESPN Rashan Gary 5-star DT Michigan, Clemson
1 p.m. Kristian Fulton 5-star CB LSU, Arkansas, Florida
1 p.m. D'Andre Christmas-Giles 4-star DT Texas, LSU, TCU, Tennessee
2 p.m. ESPN2, WatchESPN Lyndell "Mack" Wilson 5-star LB Alabama, Georgia
2 p.m. Terrell Hall 4-star DE Alabama, Florida State, Ole Miss, Maryland
2 p.m. Connor Murphy 4-star DE Michigan, Alabama, Arizona State, Oregon, USC
2:45 p.m. WXIA Atlanta E.J. Price 4-star OT Georgia, Auburn, USC
3 p.m. Mique Juarez 5-star OLB UCLA, Alabama, Ole Miss, BYU
3 p.m. ESPN2, WatchESPN Derrick Brown 5-star DT Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, Tennessee
3 p.m. ESPN2, WatchESPN Devin Asiasi 4-star TE USC, Alabama, Michigan, UCLA, Washington
3 p.m. ESPN2, WatchESPN Boss Tagaloa 4-star DT UCLA, Cal, Michigan, USC, Washington
3:50 p.m. Quartney Davis 4-star WR Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, UCLA
4:30 p.m. Jack Jones 5-star ATH USC, Alabama, Texas A&M
5:30 p.m. Jaleel Laguins 4-star ILB Georgia, Alabama, Florida
8:30 p.m. Caleb Kelly 5-star OLB Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Oregon


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The 21 greatest National Signing Day true stories ever. Personal favorite will always be the entire legend of Bryce Brown.

Nevada's head coach meant for it to go down in the DMs, but it sure seems like he publicly called Arizona State head coach Todd Graham a bad guy.

Visualizing how few high school football players are rated as five-stars produced a pretty hilarious pie chart.

MORE CROOTIN'! The following teams added blue chip commits on Tuesday, aka Crootsmas Eve: Alabama (of course)Baylor (an Oklahoma flip)Clemson from allll the way in KansasMiami over some ACC rivalsNebraska over like everybodyOklahoma State over OklahomaTennessee (from old buddy Mark Richt's new team)Texas over rivals new and oldTexas again (get used to hearing Texas a lot today) and UCLA over USC.

Remember that huge Ole Miss class from 2013? This year's could be even better. If you're mad about the Rebels, here's your BINGO board.

HBCU coaches basically never get FBS jobs. Pretty weird the one that just did happens to be a white guy, right?

Something good happened to Iowa State! A former four-star Georgia QB is headed to Ames. Something good happened to Iowa State!

Mississippi State recruiting against Bama, short version: Bully the dog might as well commit to the Tide at this point.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Aggies and Longhorns are fighting online? That never happens.

Your earbuds will surely be tuned to crootin' stuff all day, but perhaps for your commute: Podcast Ain't Played Nobody starts by remembering Cam Newton's Auburn brilliance.

Speaking of, tune in later as Bud Elliott and friends join Ryan Nanni and Dan Rubenstein for our live Signing Day special.