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4-star DL Michail Carter commits to Georgia via full-grown bulldog


Georgia four-star defensive tackle Michail Carter committed to the biggest program in his home state on National Signing Day in the absolute best way possible.

Get it? The Georgia Bulldogs?

This is, obviously, an outstanding way to announce a college football choice. Carter is a big-time get for new Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart, as the 2016 lineman had drawn heavy interest from a long list of national powers: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma are just a few of the suitors Smart fended off.

While still cool, the use of bulldogs to commit to the Bulldogs is not an entirely new thing. Evander Holyfield's son Elijah brought out two bulldog puppies at his Georgia announcement last year, which could probably only be topped by the introduction of an entire litter of bulldog puppies. We'll wait patiently for that.

Five-star running back Isaiah Crowell might have started this fad back in 2011. It's still terrific.