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Stanford lands yet another top pro-style quarterback recruit

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Davis Mills
Davis Mills
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The biggest recruiting news of the week so far is that Stanford has selected its quarterback in Davis Mills, a four-star prospect from Greater Atlanta Christian. I've seen Mills throw several times in person and like him quite a bit. Mills is the typical pro-style passer at 6'3, 192. He's not very mobile, but does have a good arm that should get better and is bright, which is what Stanford looks for in its quarterbacks. I remember speaking with Mills and his dad last summer and coming away thinking that if Stanford pushed hard, he could end up there because of his focus on academics.

While Mills committing is the top recruiting news of the week so far, it doesn't exactly have the same fanfare as if Mills had committed to a school in the Southeast.

Fans on the West Coast complain about East Coast bias in media, but it exists in part because of consumer demand. On average, people simply do not have the same passion for college football out West as they do in other parts of the country. Yes, there are some die-hards, but not nearly as many folks who live and die with their teams. Maybe it has to do with the great weather and healthy lifestyles they lead? Readership numbers back this up, and so do TV numbers for the Pac-12 Network, which came in about 70 percent short of projection. Yikes.

From a recruiting coverage perspective, I would not have a job if everyone had the perspective of Pac-12 fans. And while people don't really click to read about Pac-12 recruiting like they do in other leagues, I love speaking with recruits from out West because they are more at ease. They don't deal with as much social media and in-person backlash as recruits from other regions when they list a top three that doesn't have a certain school No. 1. They aren't afraid to honestly answer a question.


Speaking of quarterbacks, Braxton Burmeister, a four-star from California, has decommitted from Arizona, just four months after his November commitment. He's now looking to take a visit to South Carolina. I find it interesting that Will Muschamp's Gamecocks are focused almost exclusively on recruiting dual-threat quarterbacks. Could that be a result of Muschamp's time spent with Gus Malzahn at Auburn?

Michigan will be hosting several elite offensive linemen for its spring game on unofficial visits.

Tyjon Lindsey, one of the nation's top slot receivers, will be visiting Ohio State.

Here's a comprehensive rundown of the week in recruiting for Oklahoma State. I really like Tyrell Shavers, the receiver the Cowboys offered. He also added an offer from Alabama this week.

If I coached college football, a recruit saying he was "77 percent committed," as this Texas commit did, would annoy me. At the same time, it would let me know that I have to keep recruiting him as if he was uncommitted.

Washington State sent a quarterback recruit over 100 hand-written letters.


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