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Urban Meyer plans to copy Jim Harbaugh's Michigan spring break practice idea

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Thursday's Crootletter is all about catching up on old topics.

Elite programs recognizing talent

Miami and Georgia offered defensive end Jonathan Garvin of Palm Beach (Fla.) Oxford Academy within the last week. I wrote about him as the only defensive lineman who stood out to me from the Miami Nike Opening Regional.

One player who caught my eye, however, was Jonathan Garvin, of Lake Worth. The 6’4 Garvin has good burst and a nice frame. A source told me he thinks Garvin is transferring to the Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach, but I did not get a chance to speak with Gavin to confirm. NC State has offered, though, and won't be the last.

Garvin is not yet rated on the 247Sports Composite, a good example of the principle that early recruiting rankings are incomplete. Specifically, if a service feels comfortable throwing an elite rating on a player early, it can probably be trusted because that is going out on a limb and those who do the ratings do not want to have to backtrack later. But what should not be assumed, however, is inclusivity. There are probably 50-75 players nationally who will later end up with a four- or five-star rating.

Ohio State spring break practice in Florida?

Back when I wrote about Michigan's trip to IMG Academy for spring break practice being all about recruiting, I wondered if other schools would push the envelope further should the NCAA not ban the practice.

If the NCAA doesn't ban the practice, the door could be opened for a school to do a huge road tour, like barnstorming baseball teams of yesteryear.

What is to stop a school, say Ohio State, from practicing at Miami Central on Monday, Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas on Tuesday, Lakeland on Wednesday and Jacksonville Trinity Christian on Thursday?

Now Michigan's rival is getting in on the act.

"I think it's creative. I was worried about taking their spring break from them, but I'm looking to do it for next year and maybe the future, too. It's creative and if it's good for the players, we'll probably do it," Urban Meyer said with a smirk.

Gotta have faith

In January, five-star offensive tackle Greg Little told me that he was signing with Ole Miss in part because Hugh Freeze could help him with his religion in ways other coaches could not.

One of the teams Little picked Ole Miss over was Alabama. Wednesday, there was an interesting note from four-star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa on Nick Saban's faith.

"Coach Saban has talked to us and his beliefs are God first before anything," Tagovailoa said to SEC Country. "Every school is going to have good academics. Every school is going to have good football. But when you have a coach like Saban, who believes in God and is a defending champion, that makes it even more special."

Freshman day?

I previously explained what goes on during a "junior day" event. Now Georgia wants to hold a "freshman day." The crotchety old sportswriter reaction is probably to groan here, but this is smart. It allows the Bulldogs to form relationships with kids earlier and earlier, and early established relationships matter to recruits. And with new NCAA academic standards, it allows the school to inform prospects on what they need to do in order to gain admission and be eligible to play right away.


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