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2016 5-star Demetris Robertson focused on making right decision, not quick one

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The big recruiting news of the week so far is that five-star athlete Demetris Robertson, of Savannah (Ga.) Christian, has signed financial aid agreements with Cal and Georgia Tech, though I do not expect him to end up at either place.

Robertson, who did not sign a letter of intent on National Signing Day, focuses on academics much more than most prospects I deal with. The situation remains the same: He does not have the test score to be admitted into Stanford, but will continue to try to change that. If he does not end up gaining admission, I think Georgia or Alabama are the best bets, though some Notre Dame people think the Irish still have a chance.

The AJC has a long article on the situation, noting Robertson does not plan to sign a letter of intent (a smart idea for elite players), but rather simply enroll in his school of choice. It also notes Robertson is expected to make his official visit to Georgia on March 18.


Uh, wow at this level of attrition Texas has seen since 2014:

I think Charlie Strong will succeed at Texas if given enough time, but I'm not sure the Texas job breeds patience.

Arizona coaches Rich Rodriguez and Donte' Williams spoke about Arizona's recruiting , which is going very well right now.

Oklahoma kept a top cornerback target home and away from Texas.

Ohio State is swinging for the fences with top running back and receiver targets.

Miami lost a four-star tight end but picked up a four-star receiver.

Missouri is casting a very wide net under new coach Barry Odom.


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