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Podcast: Recruiting after a college football scandal

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Welcome to The Crootletter (sign up to get this in your inbox every morning!). I'm Bud Elliott, SB Nation's National Recruiting Analyst, and in this space I'll be sharing news, rumors and musings on the world of college football recruiting.

Welcome back to another edition of the College Football Recruiting Podcast. This week we have a lot of reader questions, and most of them are about Baylor and Ole Miss, two scandals that are in no way similar but which both will impact recruiting.

The week's big commitments

  • LSU, Texas A&M and Miami landed commitments. And that also impacts other schools.

What I wrote about this week

Reader questions to answer

  • Hardest schools to recruit at? How do service academies identify recruits? What if an FBS team was in Alaska?
  • What is the fallout for Baylor recruiting? Will BU's 16 recruits be able to get out of their signings? Who stands to benefit from Baylor's horrific situation? Doesn't the Baylor example show that the NCAA needs to start ban teams from playing after such conduct?
  • Who are you predicting to reach the Playoff this season?
  • Why hasn't Michigan State been able to capitalize in recruiting off a CFP appearance?
  • Why has Washington be able to recruit well lately, and better than Oregon?
  • Updates on recent visits by five-stars from Texas?
  • In which NFL Draft will more Texas players be selected in the early rounds?
  • Will Alabama's recruiting level ever be attained by another program in the country? Are any even remotely close? How does Alabama keep getting No. 1 classes? Do you think the streak will continue this year?
  • What coach/school does social media the best? What goes into making a worthwhile account? Does it really matter to croots?
  • What would be the ceiling for USF/UCF if added to the Big 12? Could their recruiting jump into the top 25?
  • How do you think Miami's recruiting has changed with Mark Richt at the helm?
  • By what point in the cycle do early "flawed" recruiting rankings become more accurate?
  • Ole Miss (too many questions to list)