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Texas A&M lost another 5-star, but a coach's response caused even more major damage

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Top QB recruit Tate Martell
Top QB recruit Tate Martell
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The timeline begins with the No. 1 dual-threat QB recruit Tate Martell decommitting from Texas A&M at 11:30 ET Wednesday night.

Everything is straightforward at this point. Leave A&M? If you're a blue-chip quarterback, that's what you do. (This is supposed to sound like those TV commercials.) Barely half a year ago, two five-star quarterbacks who were already on the roster transferred out at about the same time. That's 15 stars' worth of QB, gone just like that, all amid a really precarious recruiting situation for A&M.

Minutes later, A&M wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead tweets:

Scared for this next group of kids. There is no accountability and no sense of positivity when it comes to adversity. #selfish #allaboutme

The coach, who wasn't criticized publicly when he chose to leave Virginia Tech for a similar job at A&M a year ago, claimed he wasn't referring to Martell. But "#relevanttho" and "#stillnoloyalty" indicate that if he wasn't before, he is now, right? He later called modern society "soft" during a resounding rant.

Two of the top three recruits in the state of Texas responded with laughter emojis to blue-chip Texan Eno Benjamin saying A&M will be "trash" without Martell (all since deleted):

Things got worse! Extremely, rapidly worse!

A four-star Texas wide receiver dropped the Aggies:

Minutes after that second decommit, the No. 2 recruit in the state of Texas turned to the scriptures of DJ Khaled:

And the national No. 5 wide receiver recruit said:

Who's his brother? Lindsey's a close friend with Martell, the QB whose decommit launched the evening's festivities.

And a four-star USC commit, who might not be all that much of an A&M recruit, but who is showing solidarity in this time of bad tweets:

So, what's the lesson? Recruits decommit. They seek different opportunities, just as Moorehead and all other coaches do and just as all people in all walks of life do. When your school loses a player, don't make it worse.

Where's Martell going? Maybe CalMaybe Ohio State! Who knows!

As for the coach ...


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